Sell Silver New York

When you want to sell silver in New York, it can be a very easy thing to do. It doesn’t matter what kind of silver you want to sell. It can be flatware, broken chains, or virtually any other kind of silver. What’s important is that you find a place that is truly going to give you what silver is worth and not take advantage of you in the process. You can get an instant quote from Royal Gems Corp so that you can know exactly what you will be paid when you bring it into us. READ MORE

Sell Rolex NYC

You may be sitting on a Rolex that you haven’t worn in years. You may have never worn it. It may have been handed down to you or given to you as a gift. If you have no intentions of wearing it, a Rolex can be worth a significant amount of money. You can sell a Rolex in NYC to a reputable dealer and make you a considerable amount of money. You simply need to know where to go and how to get an appraisal so you can be sure you are selling to someone who isn’t going to take advantage of you. When you visit us, you will find the reputable dealer you need. READ MORE

Selling Diamonds NYC

When you have diamonds in your possession that you are no longer using or wearing, you might as well sell them. It needs to be done at one point or another anyway because you cannot keep sitting on such an expensive type of jewelry if you are never going to wear them or use them in any capacity. You can turn them into cash and use that cash for something much more appealing – whether it is going on a vacation, paying off your bills, or doing something else. At Royal Gems Corp, we will pay you cash and give you a large amount for your diamonds. READ MORE

Selling Jewelry in NYC

You might hate the idea of selling jewelry in NYC simply because you know it’s going to be a chore. So many companies make it hard for you to sell jewelry because it’s not what they specialize in. As a result, they are going to make you go through the hoops so that you have to work that much harder in order to sell your jewelry. Things shouldn’t be that difficult. By following 3 steps, you will be able to sell your jewelry in NYC. Royal Gems Corp will help you. READ MORE

Sell Coins in New York

Selling coins is not something that you can do anywhere. A lot of people like to try and buy coins, but they don’t really know anything about them. As a result, you may be selling your coins to someone who is giving you a penny above face value. Particularly when you have a large number of coins or you have very valuable coins, this is not something that you want to have go on. You can sell coins in New York to a reputable dealer like Royal Gems Corp and know that you are selling to someone who is giving you the best value possible. READ MORE

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