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Experienced Silver Buyers in Clifton, NJ

Anyone who is thinking about selling silver will want to make sure they are working with the most experienced and professional silver buyers in the area. While there are many options available to sellers in Clifton, NJ, not all buyers are going to be the same. Some silver buyers are only interested in paying the lowest possible price for the silver they buy. Others don’t really know enough about this industry to be able to give a fair price. Here at Royal Gems Corp, however, our silver buyers are experienced and knowledgeable, and will always offer you top dollar for any type of silver. We’ve been buying and selling silver for many years, and as one of the area’s leading brokers, we know what it takes to give everyone a great deal. When you bring your silver into our shop, we’ll give you a free, no obligation appraisal so you can learn exactly what it is worth. With that appraisal, we’ll make an offer to purchase the silver from you. If you like the offer, we’ll pay you right away and you can walk out of the shop with cash in your pocket. If not, there is never any obligation to sell, so you can keep your silver and the information free of charge. READ MORE

Learn to Sell Silver in Cresskill NJ | Royal Gems Corp

Learn to Sell Silver in Cresskill NJ

Selling silver isn’t something most people do very often, so it can be quite intimidating or confusing. Here at Royal Gems Corp, we have experienced buyers on staff, who will be more than happy to help you sell silver here in Cresskill, NJ. We have been buying silver from our customers for many years, and during that time we’ve learned a lot about how to help our customers through the process. Based on years of experience with our customers, we’ve put together the following article to help you learn to sell silver in Cresskill, NJ. Read through this information to help answer questions and provide valuable insight on what you can expect when you sell your old silver. Of course, if you have any questions about selling silver that aren’t answered here, don’t hesitate to call us at 646-470-3083. READ MORE

Sell Silver New York

When you want to sell silver in New York, it can be a very easy thing to do. It doesn’t matter what kind of silver you want to sell. It can be flatware, broken chains, or virtually any other kind of silver. What’s important is that you find a place that is truly going to give you what silver is worth and not take advantage of you in the process. You can get an instant quote from Royal Gems Corp so that you can know exactly what you will be paid when you bring it into us. READ MORE

Gold Prices Per Ounce 3/15/2011

Gold and silver contract cost per ounce rates moved higher during the last trading session in the United States. April contract gold finished the day higher by $9.30 at $1421.80 an ounce and May contract Silver ended the session higher by .87 at $35.94 an ounce. Gold and silver contract cost per ounce rates moved greater throughout the last trading session inside the United States. April contract gold finished the day greater by $9.30 at $1421.80 an ounce and May contract Silver ended the session higher by .87 at $35.94 an ounce. Market news on Monday will fluctuate between political protests inside the Middle East, specially Saudi Arabia, and also the continued developments concerning the earthquake in Japan. Although stocks finished greater on Friday, index trends may expertise a correction on Monday and this could possibly be beneficial for precious metals gold and silver. Investors are becoming increasingly cautious in the current world market environment and safe haven appeal is growing. Precious metal gold and silver cost per ounce is expected to move forward as investors not just improve the method of diversification but also enhance acquisitions of safe haven assets like gold. Present spot gold and spot silver prices are trending inside the green. Spot silver per ounce is higher by .68 at 35.75. Spot silver per kilo is higher by 21.96 at 1149.24. Spot gold per gram is higher by .36 at 45.76 and spot gold per kilo is higher by 355.27 at 45758.55. Investors will watch these days to see if the crisis in Japan along with other political turmoil inside the world enhance buying of the precious metals.

Sell Silver in Any Condition

Silver is something that has been given as gifts and collected by people for thousands of years. If you have silver in your possession that you no longer use, it can be turned into cash. When you sell silver in NY, it doesn’t even have to be in the best condition. Tarnished and damaged silver are just as profitable for you as the well-polished silver you have throughout your home. READ MORE

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