Gold Prices Per Gram

#1 Separate your scrap gold into their various karat fineness (i.e. 10k, 14k or 18k). You may require a magnifying glass to see the number inscribed on the piece. If not, you might will need to have the gold tested by a reputable dealer. There is also the possibility that some of the gold is in fact just gold-plated, which a dealer would figure out with certainty by using a chemical test If you’re uncertain, read up on How to Tell if Gold Is Real. READ MORE

Todays Current Gold Prices

Gold is on the rise and what we pay today for the current gold price may not what we pay tomorrow, so always ask and if your selling the gold that day, the gold price we give you won’t change, so the chart on the left is the current price per oz, there are other factors in determining the specific price of the gold your selling as well like the weight of the gold as well as the carat amount will determine the price of gold you will get. READ MORE

Best Jewelry Buyers NYC

When people want to sell their jewelry they often make the mistake of turning to places like eBay, CraigsList or other online sites where people can buy them. While these places are quite easy to use, they will almost always pay far less than the jewelry is worth. In fact, many people on those sites purchase jewelry and other valuable items only to bring them in and resell them to us here at DD Buyers. This is because we are the best jewelry buyers in NYC and we’ll always pay top dollar for your jewelry. Don’t waste your time and money trying to find a good buyer at an online auction site. Bring your jewelry right to the experts who will be able to tell you what your items are actually worth and give you a fair offer to purchase them from you. It is no surprise that on the online auction sites you don’t get nearly as much money because the buyers can’t get a good look at the items so they have to buy at low prices to reduce the risk they are taking. Here at DD Buyers, however, we can inspect all jewelry closely so we know exactly what we are buying. This will also help you get the most money for your old jewelry. READ MORE

Best Gold Buyers NYC

Most people have gold that they own even if they don’t realize it. From gold jewelry to gold coins and other items as well it is sometimes surprising just how much gold people actually have. In many cases this gold is not anything that people use, and it often isn’t an investment either. With gold prices so high right now it makes sense to look into finding out who the best gold buyers in NYC really are. Selling the gold for top dollar can be a great way to take care of some expenses or even pay for a nice vacation for the family. Diamond District Buyers have been helping the people of New York sell their gold for years and they will be happy to assist you as well. No matter how much or how little gold you own you can bring it into the shop to get a free evaluation. The experts at DD Buyers will be able to tell you exactly how much gold you have and how much they will be willing to pay you for it. Their prices are the highest in the area so you can get more cash for the gold you aren’t using anyway. Remember, there is never any obligation to sell your gold so come on in for a free appraisal today. READ MORE

Sell Expensive Jewelry NYC

Most people have a few pieces of their favorite jewelry and then a bunch of other pieces which they don’t really wear anymore. It could be because they have fallen out of fashion or they just don’t go with anything, or they just don’t look that good. The point is people often have expensive jewelry which they don’t wear and end up sitting in a jewelry box collecting dust. It is possible, however, to sell expensive jewelry in NYC so you can turn that unwanted jewelry into cash. This is one of the best ways to make some money while clearing out extra space to make it easier to find the items you do like to wear.

Some people feel bad about selling their jewelry because it may have been given as a gift or have some sort of memory attached to it, or even passed down from a family member. The problem with keeping things like this is it is not honoring anyone or being thankful to simply have it sitting in the jewelry box. It would be much better to sell expensive jewelry in NYC so someone else can buy it and enjoy actually wearing it.


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