Todays Current Gold Prices

Gold is on the rise and what we pay today for the current gold price may not what we pay tomorrow, so always ask and if your selling the gold that day, the gold price we give you won’t change, so the chart on the left is the current price per oz, there are other factors in determining the specific price of the gold your selling as well like the weight of the gold as well as the carat amount will determine the price of gold you will get.

Why do we want you informed on the current price of gold today?

Simple, we inform our clients of everything because we want them to deal with us for the long haul in selling gold, that is why we always pay the current gold price of today for all gold buying transactions, we have no gimmicks are very straightforward and care about our reputation as gold buyers, we don’t do in your face commercials and look for a one time transaction we want a continued business relationship with all of our clients that are selling their gold.

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Todays Current Gold Prices - RoyalCorp