Pawnbroker Diamond District Manhattan

Finding the right pawnbroker in the diamond district of Manhattan is very important whenever you want to buy or sell items like jewelry, gold, silver or diamonds. There are quite a few shops that will be willing to help you, but none of them have the experience and attention to customer service that Diamond District Buyers can offer. We have been in the pawnbroker business for years and over that time we have learned that it is far better to offer fair prices and kind service to our customers so they will come back time after time than to always try to squeeze every dollar out of each deal. With this philosophy we have been able to meet the needs of thousands of customers, and we’re confident we can help you as well. Whether you want to bring in some old gold or jewelry for a free appraisal, or you want to look through our extensive inventory of items for sale we are always available to serve you. We can even offer you a free appraisal of your gold, jewelry or other valuable items through the mail using a secured envelope. READ MORE

Selling Diamonds NYC

When you have diamonds in your possession that you are no longer using or wearing, you might as well sell them. It needs to be done at one point or another anyway because you cannot keep sitting on such an expensive type of jewelry if you are never going to wear them or use them in any capacity. You can turn them into cash and use that cash for something much more appealing – whether it is going on a vacation, paying off your bills, or doing something else. At Royal Gems Corp, we will pay you cash and give you a large amount for your diamonds. READ MORE

Sell Diamond Jewelry in NYC

One of the easiest ways for you to make money is to sell diamond jewelry that you have no use for. It may be that you received it as a gift, had it handed down to you through the generations, or you simply do not wear it anymore. When you wish to sell diamond jewelry in NYC, there is nothing easier than bringing it to us at Royal Gem s Corp. We are going to give you the highest value possible and take care of you in every way. READ MORE

Sell Diamonds NYC

When you are ready to sell diamonds, you want to make as much for them as possible. This means you can’t sell your diamonds just anywhere. You have to consider the type of diamonds you have and who is capable of providing you with the most amount of money. Take your time checking out multiple options to avoid making a bad deal. READ MORE

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