Where To Sell Gold Jewelry

A jewelry store may be a great option and will give you much more cash than the pawn shop. Nevertheless jewelers are used to paying wholesale costs for gold so you won’t get probably the most money probable. READ MORE

Want to sell Broken, Tangled or Old Gold?

Did you know that broken, tangled or old gold has the same value as brand spanking new gold? Well now you know, if your looking to sell any kind of gold we are your gold buyer, we buy broken, mismatched, old, tangled gold, it doesn’t matter what kind we will pay the current highest rate on that gold guaranteed. The price of gold has never been higher and you can be rest assured and sleep easy at night knowing that you got a great deal on the gold you sold to us.

Gold Prices Per Ounce 3/15/2011

Gold and silver contract cost per ounce rates moved higher during the last trading session in the United States. April contract gold finished the day higher by $9.30 at $1421.80 an ounce and May contract Silver ended the session higher by .87 at $35.94 an ounce. Gold and silver contract cost per ounce rates moved greater throughout the last trading session inside the United States. April contract gold finished the day greater by $9.30 at $1421.80 an ounce and May contract Silver ended the session higher by .87 at $35.94 an ounce. Market news on Monday will fluctuate between political protests inside the Middle East, specially Saudi Arabia, and also the continued developments concerning the earthquake in Japan. Although stocks finished greater on Friday, index trends may expertise a correction on Monday and this could possibly be beneficial for precious metals gold and silver. Investors are becoming increasingly cautious in the current world market environment and safe haven appeal is growing. Precious metal gold and silver cost per ounce is expected to move forward as investors not just improve the method of diversification but also enhance acquisitions of safe haven assets like gold. Present spot gold and spot silver prices are trending inside the green. Spot silver per ounce is higher by .68 at 35.75. Spot silver per kilo is higher by 21.96 at 1149.24. Spot gold per gram is higher by .36 at 45.76 and spot gold per kilo is higher by 355.27 at 45758.55. Investors will watch these days to see if the crisis in Japan along with other political turmoil inside the world enhance buying of the precious metals.

Future Of Gold Prices

A lot of people have recently been flocking to commodities as a result of the recent draw downs of the equity markets, with the gold future becoming a well-liked commodity to invest in. So why in this time of economic turmoil is gold sky rocketing to historically high levels? A gold future is not only seen as a hedge against inflation, however it is also seen as a hedge against softening foreign currency values, in this recent case it really is the declining Euro. Europeans are investing in commodities like gold and silver since, very frankly, it looks as if the Euro will not have a value in a year’s time. READ MORE

Gold Coin Prices and What They Mean

The American Gold Eagle is an official coin released in 1986 by the United States Mint. This U.S. coin was designed as part of the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985. An intriguing truth about these gold bullion coins is that their marketplace value is not their face value but much more the market value of the gold content. As an example, as of Spring of 2009 the face value of the $5 America Eagle Gold coin is $5 but the marketplace value of the actual coin based on content is around $130.The value of these coins fluctuate based on the current rate for gold. READ MORE

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