Gold Coin Prices and What They Mean

The American Gold Eagle is an official coin released in 1986 by the United States Mint. This U.S. coin was designed as part of the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985. An intriguing truth about these gold bullion coins is that their marketplace value is not their face value but much more the market value of the gold content. As an example, as of Spring of 2009 the face value of the $5 America Eagle Gold coin is $5 but the marketplace value of the actual coin based on content is around $130.The value of these coins fluctuate based on the current rate for gold. Forms of the Eagle Gold Coin Because the American Eagle Gold Coin was 1st introduced in 1986, it is turn out to be probably the most widely traded gold bullion coins. Adding to its popularity is that it comes in four sizes: 1/10th, ¼ ½ and 1 Troy Ounce, all with a purity of .9167. – The 1/10th troy ounce have a face value of $5, a diameter of 16.five mm and is 1.26 mm thick. – The ¼ Troy ounce have a face value of $10, a diameter of 22 mm and are 1.78 thick. – The ½ Troy ounce has a face value of $25, a diameter of 27 mm and are 2.15 mm thick. – The 1 troy ounce has a face value of $50, a diameter of 32.7 and is 2.87 mm thick. The U.S. government guarantees that these coins have the precise quantity of troy ounces of gold weight that they are stated to have. Only gold which is mined in America is used in the creation of these coins. They also consist of some copper and silver to make them much more durable. The American Eagle gold coin is in wonderful demand by coin collectors everywhere despite the fact that the fractional sizes of the uncirculated coins are no longer being minted. Style of the American Eagle Gold Coin Few coins have the beauty and classic elegance in their design quite like the American Eagle Gold Coin. The style will be the same beauty that was captured by Augustus Saint Gaudens within the $20 U.S. Double Eagle gold coin developed in 1907-1933. The ever-graceful Lady Liberty with her flowing hair is on the front of the coin. Her left hand is holding an olive branch the correct hand holds a torch. In the lower left front of the coin is our Capitol building. The words LIBERTY are on the top of the coin whilst the date is on the lower right side. The reverse side, a Miley Busiek style, has a male eagle holding an olive branch over a nest of American eagles (female and her babies). This design is meant to depict the security and strength of American families. The words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are on the top of the coin even though E PLURIBUS UNUM is on the left of the eagles even though IN GOD WE TRUST is on the best. The bottom of the American Eagle Gold coin has the words 1 0Z. FINE GOLD 50 DOLLARS. The coins that had been minted from 1986 to 1991 use Roman numerals for the dates but had been changed to Arabic numbers in 1992.

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