We Buy Gold In NYC

We buy gold in NYC and from anywhere else in the country. We purchase gold, sell gold and are good at doing it! This is only said knowing that we have earned our reputation for being one of the industry’s top buyers and sellers of gold , silver and fine jewelry. Here at Royal Gems Corp., we pride ourselves on offering service excellence to our customers. We are a family owned business and know how important our customer’s satisfaction is. We guarantee it! At Royal Gems Corp, we procure gold in a safe, confidential and quick manner. You won’t be meeting with a grungy pawn dealer, you will be dealing with one of our Certified dealer’s. We buy your gold in a very professional atmosphere. We can take care of you, no matter what your purpose of the visit. We offer free, quick estimates for your items, with a price guarantee. READ MORE

Sell Gemstones New York City

There are many gemstones out there and they can encompass many sizes, colors and designs. If you have gemstones – loose or in a jewelry setting – you may be looking to sell. You can sell gemstones and earn fair market price if you know about the gemstones you are selling and you find a reputable dealer who isn’t out to take advantage of you. READ MORE

Get the Most for Your Watch

If you choose to sell watches, you have to be sure that you are getting the money that you deserve. Many places in NYC will buy your watch but many won’t give you what it’s really worth. You might be sitting on thousands of dollars, but if you don’t send it to the right buyer, you may be short changing yourself. When you know more about your watches and you make comparisons, you can protect yourself during the transaction. READ MORE

Sell Watches in NYC

It’s easy to make fast money when you sell watches in NYC. There are many reputable dealers throughout the city, but you have to be cautious about who you sell to if you want to make the best deal possible. Many watches can be sold. Even a broken watch may be able to fetch you thousands of dollars.


Sell Diamonds in NYC

You can sell diamonds very effectively if you know what you are looking for. This means knowing about the 4Cs of your diamond and how to find a reputable diamond buyer. If you take the time to learn about these things, you can make a better deal and make more money on your diamond jewelry. READ MORE

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