Selling Gold In NYC

Selling gold in NYC in today’s trying times can become quite an experience if you let it. But, if you let our expert jewelers and Certified diamond dealers help you…they will guarantee your happiness and satisfaction. Selling your unwanted gold and jewelry is an easy and quick process at Royal Gems Corp. The company prides itself on top notch customer service and guarantee their customer ‘s satisfaction. This company is centrally located in Manhattan’s Diamond District. Easily accessible and in the thick of it all, you will be able to find everything you need by visiting with them. Royal Gems is high in customer reviews among gold and silver sellers. Doing a little research pays off! You will find they provide you with excellence in buying your gold. Quick, confidential, professional service is what will you find with this “family” owned company. Your satisfaction is guaranteed . You will not be visiting “just another” grimy pawn shop when you are selling your gold. You will be visiting a professional that will give you the service you need. Not only can you sell your gold at Royal Gems Corp., but they also specialize in buying diamonds, silver, coins and many other items including antique jewelry and luxury watches. Whether you are selling your gold or wanting a loan, they can handle both. If you decide you want a loan on one of your items instead of selling, we will give you the best price also. You can get a low price loan on many items. Just bring it in and have one of the dealers look at it for you. They will offer you a quote or estimate free of charge. You have nothing to lose. If you can’t get down there when selling your gold, you can ship to them as well! Free! They offer an almost unheard of deal on shipping. You can send your items to them in a pre-paid Fed Ex box that they will send to you. You just need to simply put the items in the shipping envelope or box and drop it in the box! It doesn’t get any easier than that. You can go online to Royal Gem Corp. website to get more information. Be rest assured, they are at the top of the list in the industry in “Customer Satisfaction.” Your concerns should be completely alleviated. To put it simply, finding a reliable buyer for your gold should not be hard and should not put you into a panic when thinking about it or finding someone to sell it to. Go with one of Nation’s top gold buyers and have your concerns put to rest once and for all. Selling your gold will never be easier once you meet the people at Royal Gems. You will want to tell your friends about it, the experience will be that good!

Sell Your Gold At Royal Gems Corp.

Why not sell gold at Royal Gems Corp., when you are visiting New York! Whether you live in town or are just visiting, you can drop by and see these guys at any time. I have been to a few, smelly, run down “Pawn Shops” in my day, and this was definitely nothing like that! The moment you walk in the door you can be sure that you will be taken care of in a professional, courteous manner. When you bring your gold to Royal Gems, you are guaranteed satisfaction, they even offer price guarantees. The nice thing is, you can go into this store, and know that whether you have gold, diamonds, precious metal, gems, or antique jewelry, you are going to get “top dollar” for it. I have had a $1400, professionally, appraised diamond ring appraised at $120 bucks before at other places. (This was before I knew any better). I did have the common sense to not sell it though. I just took a loan. If you visit “other” gold buyers, often times they do not give you credit for diamonds or any other precious gemstone. They are only interested in the gold. Rest assured that is all you will get paid for. Do some research before you go out and trade in your gold! Especially if you are not in NYC. There is no telling what price you will get for your gold. It is better to be safe than sorry. Bringing your gold at Royal Gems alleviates all of the problems I have ever experienced. They truly listen and understand the demand of the public. You are given top notch treatment the entire time you are visiting with them. They will give you confidential treatment and “on the spot” payment with a guarantee. Even if you are not sure you want to sell, you can use their services. Royal Gems offers free estimates. They are fully licensed and insured, so you know you are dealing with a professional company and not some shady Pawn Broker. The amount of services offered with this company are almost unlimited. They want to create a lifetime relationship with their clients and it is easy to tell they base their business practices around that theory. If for some reason you are not in NYC any longer or used their services while you were here, don’t fret! You can find them online as well! You can log on to the website and get information on how to get a free, confidential quote online. If you are comfortable with shipping your gold, Royal Gems offers a FREE prepaid FED EX service. They will send you a pre-paid mailing label that you can use to safely and simply, ship your items! They really do all the work for you! Take my word for it, you don’t need to search any longer for a reputable gold buyer! Whether in New York or anywhere else in the country, this place does what it says. Take the fear out of trading in your gold and other unused precious metals, and get into contact with this team here. You won’t be disappointed.

Searching For The Best Gold Buyers

Searching for the best gold buyers can be quite a daunting task. Whether you are in the market to sell your gold or other valuables finding reliable buyers has actually become quite easy. You simply just need to do your research! This post will help you pinpoint a great precious metal buyer in New York, Royal Gems Corp.


 This company specializes in buying gold. They have Certified Diamond and Gold experts that will guarantee you the best price, and they do it with a guarantee. If you are in the NYC area, you are in luck. Royal Gems Corp. is located in the Diamond District of Manhattan. Easily accessible in person or online. Either way you choose to deal with them, you won’t be disappointed.


Dealing with experts is a “must” when dealing with gold traders. To find the best one you should find one that is licensed, bonded and insured. Every aspect of selling your unwanted gold or fine jewelry can be rewarding when dealing with a professional company. That is exactly what you will find when you deal with the people at Royal Gems. They take the guess of selling your gold.


If you want to find more than just the best gold buying service, you are in luck! They buy other items as well. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a rundown pawn shop. They will buy not only your gold, but will buy or give you a confidential estimate on any of your unwanted, diamonds, silver, luxury watches, coins or antique jewelry. Regardless if you are buying or selling, you can rest assure you are going to be taken care of.


The best buyers have their customers’ needs at heart. It is at the forefront of their business. Every aspect of their business revolves around the relationships that are built with the customer and the community. The team at Royal Gems Corp. understands this and takes it to the next level.


You can log on to the website and find a ton of information on current gold and silver pricing and much, much more! You can even get an estimate online or send them an email. They have taken care of every aspect of selling your gold and have done it with great peace of mind. The days of searching out reliable gold buying companies are over! This is literally a “one stop shop” for buying or selling your unwanted gold.


There is also a Pawn Shop in the store as well. You can safely and securely get a low cost loan on items when you are just needing a loan and not wanting to actually sell your items. They offer a low interest, easy qualifying loan process. It is quick and simple and completely confidential. Just make sure to go back and make your payments!


Anyway you choose to deal with the Professionals at Royal Gems you can be rest assured that you will be given VIP treatment from the moment you walk in the door. It is a family owned company that values your business and repeat business. Knowing this, you are guaranteed to be dealing with the best gold buyers in the industry!

Cash For Gold Is A Great Idea

Many people these days are receiving cash for gold by mailing off their old gold jewelry they have laying around, and receiving checks in as little as two to three business days.
Unfortunately with the economic situation what it is, many individuals are searching for other alternatives to earning cash fast, and cashing in old gold jewelry is an ideal option. No matter what condition the gold jewelry is in, there are a variety of different businesses, as well as mail order outlets that will accept it in return for a check; amounts depend on the current prices of gold.

NYC happens to offer a variety of businesses that buy and sell gold at a very reasonable price. It’s important to keep in mind that even though a particular piece of jewelry may be priceless to one individual, it’s profits will weigh considerably on what the current gold prices are per ounce.

All gold jewelry is evaluated the same, making no exceptions regarding the size or age of the item. Of course some pieces of jewelry may contain small gems of different types, and values will also be taken into consideration when evaluating the final price. Whether a person uses a mail order outlet or a traditional business, they will be offered the opportunity to receive their gemstones back once removed from the gold pieces, or to add them into the overall price which will be returned to the customer in the form of a paper check.

Depending on the sizes of certain stones that are previously set in specified pieces of gold jewelry, it’s sometimes easier to just add their value into the overall balance that will be returned in the form of a check. If a person decides to add their gemstones into the overall balance they will be receiving back, each piece of jewelry as well as each gemstone will be separately listed.

Every gold company generally works in the same manner, listing the value of each jewelry piece according to the gold weight, and each stone according to its specific value in regards to size, cut, and particular gemstone.

It’s also important to keep in mind if using a mail order outlet company, to always have some type of insurance on the jewelry before sending it through the mail. An insurance company will help to reimburse you should the jewelry get lost.

There are many options for those individuals searching for a place of business such as cash for gold, whether choosing the convenience of mail order outlets, a traditional jeweler or pawn shop, or even searching out a reputable company over the internet; finding place to sell your old gold jewelry certainly isn’t difficult.

Keep in mind that a person should never take the first price they are offered, unless the company can show how they’ve determined the value of the gold potentially for sale. The price of gold is the same everywhere; the cost should be determined by the weight of each piece.

Sell Gold Jewelry in NYC

Learn Where you can sell gold jewelry in NYC and get a great price. Royal Gems Corporation buys gold jewelry, even broken chains. You may have a lot of unwanted or unworn gold around the house. Gold prices are higher than they have been in years and you can take advantage of this by selling your gold. You want to obtain the highest amount of cash for your gold and that’s why you need to bring it to us. We are the gold buyer in NYC that many have trusted to give them top dollar time and time again. We are conveniently located in NYC. If you are unable to visit us in person, that’s okay. We have a mail-in service as well. This allows you to mail your gold to us so we can weigh it and then contact you with the price that we are going to pay for it. If you don’t like the price, we will simply mail your gold back to you so you can do with it what you place. At Royal Gems Corporation, we buy all types of gold. Different karat weights are purchased including 10k, 14k and 24k – and every quality in between. It must be actual gold, not gold plated. There are usually markings on the gold to tell you what it is so you can be sure that you know what you have before you bring it in. We deal in a lot of gold jewelry. The gold can be in the form of necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, watches brooches or anything in between. As long as it is gold, bring it in to us and we will tell you how much it’s worth based upon the day’s pricing for gold. The gold doesn’t have to be in the best quality for us to buy it. We will take scrap gold, tangled chains, broken jewelry and other types of gold as well. Much of the gold is going to be melted down and used for creating new jewelry. Therefore we are concerned more with the weight of the gold than anything else. When you come to visit us, we aim to make your visit as quick as possible. We have trained jewelers who have been working s for a long time. They will be able to test your gold to determine the karat weight and then give you the pricing based upon London P.M., which is a fixed price. We will pay you in cash and you can be out in under five minutes. There are many gold buyers in NYC but we make it simple for you. We cut out the middle man to ensure you get the maximum amount of money for your gold. Whether it’s a gold coin, a broken chain or some other form of gold, bring it in and we’ll pay you cash. Selling gold that you don’t want can earn you cash. Let us show you how easy it is. We strive for high marks of customer satisfaction, so call us or visit us today.    

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