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Welcome to our blog, we are going to show you tips, tools and resources you can use to sell gold at the best price possible, selling gold with us has never been easier, so we are going to be posting useful articles on selling gold for the best price possible with us. So now you can see how easy and fast it can be by selling gold with us. When selling gold for cash, before contacting any dealer you should always note the carats or the purity of your goldGold jewellery, coins, dental scraps, watches or other resalable gold items should be something between ten and twenty-four carats (K). If this marker isn’t indicated you’ll be able to visit a trusted jeweler to pay what they determine the gold item is appraised for. With this you’ve got a rough idea of how much several carats are worth in keeping with current market prices and you’ll be able to use this estimate as a reference throughout value negotiations. Gold costs are very volatile hence you must continuously be well updated; a good source of those costs is that the NY stock exchange or Kitco.

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Welcome to our gold buying blog - RoyalCorp