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Who can Sell Gold in Passaic, NJ

If you have some type of gold lying around the house that you don’t really have a use for, now is a great time to sell it. The price of gold is at historically high values, and you can get a lot of money for even a small amount of gold. Many people aren’t sure whether they can just sell the gold on their own, or if they need to go through a licensed broker or some other agency. The easy answer to that questions is that anyone is allowed to sell their own personal gold without any problem at all. When you’re looking for somewhere to sell your gold, you will want to make sure you work with an experienced buyer that will pay you top dollar for every ounce. Since we buy gold in Passaic, NJ, we would love to buy from you. We’ve been helping people sell their gold for many years, and we’ve built a strong reputation for customer satisfaction and fast service.

Types of Gold we Buy

We will be more than happy to buy any type of gold that you happen to have. In many cases, people who are selling gold will come in with gold jewelry or watches. These are a great item to sell because you can make a lot of money quickly. We’ll do a full appraisal of your jewelry or watch, and let you know exactly what we can pay for it. Depending on the all the details of the items, we can often pay more than would be possible if we were just buying regular gold. Of course, we also buy gold coins, gold bars, and anything else that you may have with gold in it. Our experienced gold buyers will be happy to take a close look at any items you may have, and make you and offer to purchase them on the spot. If you agree to the price, you’ll just have to fill out some quick paperwork and we can pay you immediately. This is by far the fastest and easiest way to sell your gold here in Passaic, NJ or anywhere else for that matter.

Contact us Today

No matter what type of gold you happen to have, keep in mind that it is your right to sell it whenever you want to get cash for gold. You can bring it right to our shop and we’ll look at it right away so we can make an offer. If you’d rather, you can call us at 646-470-3083 to make an appointment so you know you won’t have to wait if there are other customers. Regardless of which option you choose, it is good to know that you have access to experienced, friendly gold buyers in the area. So, always remember that here at Royal Gems Corp, we buy gold and we always pay top dollar for every single ounce.

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