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What types of jewelry can be sold for cash?

When people hear about Royal Gems Corp, and that we are the leading jewelry buyers in Paterson, NJ, they often wonder about what type of jewelry they can sell. This is because most people who take a look through their jewelry box will find at least a few pieces of jewelry that they no longer wear. This could be because it is broken, or it was given to them by someone who is no longer in their life, or just because it has fallen out of fashion. Learning how to sell your jewelry can be a great way to get some extra cash, which can be used for anything you need it for. If you think you may want to sell jewelry of any type, take some time to go over the list of some of the most common type s of jewelry that we buy. While this list contains many different things that we purchase, we will be happy to look at almost any kind of jewelry you may have. You can come into our shop, or give us a call to ask questions about a specific piece, and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

Types of Jewelry we Buy

The following is a list of some of the most common types of jewelry that we here at Royal Gems Corp purchase. This is not to be considered an exhaustive list. In fact, we are able to buy a wider range of jewelry than any of the other jewelry buyers in Paterson, NJ so don’t hesitate to come see us soon. • Gold Jewelry – If you want to sell gold jewelry, we are the best place to go. We buy all different types of gold jewelry, whether it is broken or brand new. We’ll pay you either based on the value of the jewelry itself, or the weight of the gold, whichever is greater. • Diamond Jewelry – We are the area’s leading diamond buyers, and we’ll be happy to look at any type of diamond jewelry that you want to sell. In addition to paying the value of the diamond, we’ll factor in the other precious metals or gems that are in the piece too. • Sell Silver Jewelry – We buy all silver jewelry, no matter the type. From necklaces to rings to earrings, we buy it all. Bring it into our shop for a free appraisal so we can tell you exactly how much we are able to pay. • Antique Jewelry – Here at Royal Gems Corp, we love buying all types of antique jewelry. Whether it is just very old, or it has an interesting story to go along with it, we’ll pay top dollar for your antique jewelry.

Contact Us Today

If you have a piece of jewelry that you no longer want, contact the leading jewelry buyers in Paterson, NJ to see how much it is worth. We’ll give you a free appraisal, and if you decide to sell, we can pay you cash on the spot. No matter what kind of jewelry you have, call us at 646-470-3083 today.

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