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The price of gold is at a record high, no matter what you can be rest assured our gold buyers will pay you on the current gold price. With the market and economy the way it is it is no wonder why many people are cashing in their gold, but to whom? A lot of cash for gold buyers online are scams, they mail you a fancy gold kit and pay you PENNIES on the dollar for your gold. So don’t fall a victim to this, we pay you based on the current spot price of gold and have thousands of satisfied clients cashing in that unwanted gold.

Know the current gold price!

There are many gold price sites out there that will give you this price. We pay the highest price for gold per gram in NYC and it doesn’t matter if you live here or not , you can come down to cash your gold into our office or you can call up or fill out a form to mail it in and get a check in the mail, it is your choice, we just want you to cash your gold in wisely and get the most cash for your gold!


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