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Sell Gold in NYC Buys all Gold at the best prices so if you want to sell gold in New York, NY.We are located in Manhattan’s Diamond District and people come to us to sell gold nationwide, we buy all kinds of gold, silver and platinum.

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Want to sell diamonds? Looking to sell diamonds in NYC or the USA;WE BUY DIAMONDS! If you need cash for your old diamonds or gemstones, Royal Gems Corp can help. We are certified diamond buyers that you can count on to get the most for your diamonds and gemstones.

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Looking to sell silver in NYC? Regardless of the condition, we will buy it and provide you with cash within minutes. Bring in your old silver and new silver. It can be broken or tangled chains, silverware, figurines and anything else that you may have as long as it is actually silver. Located in Manhattan, we are simply the best choice in town for selling silver.

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  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Free estimates
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Certified Jeweler
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • We Buy It All
  • Immediate Cash

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When you want to sell luxury watches, choose a watch expert that can give you the best value for your watch. From Bulgari to Rolex, Tag Heuer to Patek Philippe, we work with all of the premier luxury watch brands in the world. When you bring your watch into us, we will provide you with an offer and pay you in cash. It’s the easiest way to earn cash in Manhattan.

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Have coins that you no longer want? Turn them into cash by bringing them into Royal Gems Corp. We are able to provide premium prices for silver coins, American coins and international coins. Bring them all into us regardless of the state they are in and we will give you an estimate. Once you decide to sell coins to us, we will buy them – and pay you in cash on the same day.

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Sell antiques in NYC for cash. If you have antiques you’ve had for a while, turn them into cash by bringing them into Royal Gems Corp. Whether it’s antique jewelry, antique toys or various other antiques, we are interested in buying them. We are a trusted buyer in Manhattan that has been in business for years – making us the go-to place for selling antiques.

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At Royal Gems Corp. we offer cash for antiques.


Welcome to the Best Place to Sell Gold, Diamonds, Watches, Coins in NYC

We Have The Highest Cash Paid For Gold in NYC

How does our cash for gold, silver and platinum work? Our payouts on gold silver and platinum are simple, depending on the current spot price of the gold you can be sure you will get up to 95-99% depending on the karat of gold. Below is a sample payout of what we are paying when gold is 1750 an oz

2 Easy Steps! Bring it or mail it in, and get paid!

Do You Need Cash For Gold?

If you are looking to cash in your gold we can offer you the highest cash amount for your gold, you can call up, come to out NYC Location or even mail it in if you are out of state. With all the cash for gold scam out there on the internet and in person it is hard to find the right cash for gold company. Well Look no further, Royal Gems Corp has been in the jewelry and gold buying business for a long time.

We are in the heart of New York City and treat our customers with the most respect and professionalism in every transaction. Gold is at a record high and who knows how long it will keep climbing, either way we will pay the highest cash for gold payouts on every transaction we pay up to 99% of the golds value. We buy gold bars and all other types of gold, silver and platinum bullions.

We Pay Top Cash for Watches

A time may come where that high end watch you bought needs to be replaced, well you want the highest cash offer for your watch so you look around and find out a lot of watch buyers in NYC are giving you low ball offers. Royal Gems Corp. will give you the highest ash offer for all kinds of watches, Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Piaget,TAG heuer and many other high end watches.

If you are ever in need of cash and need to sell or pawn your watch you can get a quote from our special watch buying department that handles these transactions on a day to day basis and for a free quote you can call or fill out the form on top to get a quote on a watch you would like to sell.

Where to Sell Gold and Other Jewelry?

Learn why Royal Gems Corp. is the best place to sell your gold, watches, diamonds, silver, coins and platinum by a certified New York City Gold Buyer, learn why we are the number one place to sell gold in NY,it doesnt matter where you are in the world, you can cash in your gold here by using our cash for gold mail in envelopes and get the most out of your gold while the price of gold is high now, who knows how high or how long it will stay this high, so now is the best time to cash your gold now.

How To Sell Your Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Diamonds and Watches

How To Sell Your Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Diamonds and Watches

  • Step 1 – Find a reputable gold buyer online or in person and research them by looking at their rating, their reviews and most of all what they will pay you for your gold jewelry.
  • Step 2 – Send in your gold or bring it to them, make sure you got an idea of what its worth, gold is at a record high now and the price changes each day so a good way to figure this out is:
  • a)Separate the gold by 10k, 14k, 18k etc
  • b)Determine the golds weight in grams with a scale
  • c)Get the current price of gold, as of today gold is over 1500 an oz an one troy ounce equals 31.1 grams
  • d)Take the current price of gold and divide it by 31 (1500/31= 48.38)
  • e)Now multiply the carat in with either
    10KT = 10/24 = .4167
    14KT = 14/24 = .5833
    18KT = 18/24 = .750
  • f)So now take the 48.38 and times it by the carat, so lets say you have 14k , 48.38 x .5833 = 28.22 per gram
  • g)Take the total gram weight of your 14k and multiply by 28.22, so lets say you want to sell 25 grams of gold, to get an accurate quote you would times 25×28.22 and your estimate should be around $675-$705, this is the 100% value expect to get this price minus anywhere from 1% to 10% of the price depending on the gold buyer.

Based on Gold $1795 oz

Based on Gold $1795 oz
ITEM Less Than 3oz 3-25oz 25oz+
10KT $35.36 $35.74 $36.04
$49.05 $49.25 $50.11
$63.15 $63.77 $64.12
22KT $76.31 $76.94 $77.15
24KT $84.31 $84.94 $85.15
DENTAL $45.09 $47.96 $49.16
Prices are in Pennyweight (DWT)

Thinking of Selling a Diamond?

There are many reasons why someone will want to sell diamonds it can be they got a new one, it is old, or they are coming out of a divorce and want to sell their wedding ring, or perhaps the engagement was broken off and you say to yourself ” where can i sell my engagement ring ?” well we specialize in buying diamonds, we have professional gemologists that will analyze the diamond you want to sell and give you a respectable amount in cash for your diamond.

Why we are the top Gold Buyers in NYC

When people search for gold buyers, or when they search locally for gold buyers in New York City, we are ready to handle any transaction of selling gold, big and small it doesn’t matter. We always give the highest cash for gold not only in NY, But nationwide, we buy gold in every state so for people that want to sell gold anywhere outside the New York area can use our mail gold package form that not only pays for your shipping but also insures your contents for the full value. With gold, silver and platinum on the rise now is a great time to find the right precious metals buyer that pays the highest payout for all gold, silver and platinum.

Selling Watches?

When someone is looking to sell a watch they want to get the highest amount for it and either buy a new one or they just need the money. Sell Gold in NYC buys all kinds of high quality watches, so if your looking to sell rolex watches, cartier, movado, breitling, omega, tag heuer and other high end watches we are the go to watch buyer in not only N.Y.C . but we buy watches nationwide.

Types of Gold We Buy:

10k, 14k, 18k, 22k ,24k

Did You Know That Sell Gold In Nyc Pays Up To 99% Of The Value Of Your Gold?

so you can be rest assured you will get the highest price for your gold from us!
royal gems corp. is a jewelry buying company that is located in nyc that specializes in buying gold, diamonds, watches, silver, platinum, antique jewelry, estate jewelry, silver coins, gold coins and scrap and broken gold. if you are looking for the best place to sell your gold than we recommend getting a quote from us first.

the process is easy we offer walk in appointments to our nyc location, we are located at 55 west 47th st #203 in the diamond district on 47th st between 5th and 6th avenues. we recommend calling first to make an appointment and to get a rough idea over the phone on what your item is approximately worth.

Thinking Of Selling Gold?

Sell Gold for the most cash in NYC guaranteed, we specialize in buying all gold at the best and most current price for the day. We buy all 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k and 24k gold in Manhattan. We always pay the fullest and highest price possible. We have an excellent reputation and encourage everyone that is looking to sell their gold to get the most information possible and always read the reviews of the company first. We like to educate our consumers on the process of selling gold and always make sure they will get the best price from the best gold buyers in NYC. Click here for our gold buying page with more information.


  • I shopped around a bit but a coworker told me about Royal Gems Corp and they definitely got me the best price for my gold.
    - Mark Zimmerman

    What a great way to get some extra cash for the necklaces and rings I no longer wore! I have already got a few more things now I am ready to sell.
    - Ann DeBenedetto
  • I have to admit, I was a little worried at first, but I received my check today and would completely recommend Royal Gems Corp to others. Thanks!
    - Rachel Brown

    There are a lot of shady practices on 47th street, but I am glad to have met the guys at Royal Gems Corp. They are truly a legit group.
    - Gladys Park
  • Royal Gems Corp has a very knowledgeable staff and definitely gave me more than I expected for my antique watch.
    - Jason Castro

  • After getting divorced I really had no need for my diamond ring. The friendly people at Royal Gem treated me well and gave me more than I expected for it!
    - Sonya Schilling

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